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Night Dreamer

I thought about what phrase I wanted to use, and Jason and Dennis' thoughts on what inspired them - old record covers and tapes - got me thinking about my favourite music. One of my favourite musicians is Wayne Shorter and he is the one behind my all-time favourite album, 'Night Dreamer', which is also my favourite tune from the album. This album also features another one of my faves, McCoy Tyner, who is on the piano.

The song is worth a listen if you have a few minutes.

I also considered picking out a phrase from Kurt Elling's lyrics that he wrote for the piece, but they were a bit whacky and I liked the simplicity of the song's title, so I stuck with that.

Mind Mapping

Uh, sorry - I'm just moving into my new studio now and I have no paper so I did my mind map on the back of an IKEA instruction manual :)

One reason I find this album so interesting that Shorter felt as though he was simplifying his writing, and 'cutting the fat'. So it has a lot of really chilled, groovy tunes as opposed to crazy, ridiculous jazz that was popular in the 60's. So I think this kind of simple, mellow, laid back feel is what I want for my post.

I love old Blue Note record covers as well, so I want to look at those while coming up with this piece.

Mood Board

The original album cover, plus some more that I liked. Some lettering ideas, other images which made me think about mood, transition, flowy-dreaminess, and the colour blue.


I was kind of liking this ides but now I'm not sure sure. I think the 'ER' at the bottom is a little weird and doesn't make much sense. Might go make to one of my earlier ideas.

I was getting frustrated so I went and did something else for a while :P

Here's something I ended up with this afternoon - I like it but I don't know if it resembles my original theme or source material much, haha. I might leave it for now and try again tomorrow!


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