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Nicotine monster

Sun 11th August 2013

I simplified the character and changed colour and made him to face the other way. This one's rigged with GG puppet tool which is ace. This is a basic walk cycle - not much character in there yet but it was fun to learn on and I know it's going to be fun to mess around with it some more. It's on vimeo:

also as an animated gif - but the timing is a bit slow:

Fri 9th August 2013

I created new artwork and have rigged it in AE using a basic rig, but I think I'll be trying out the GG puppet tool rig as well.  Heres a snap of the rigged character and one with some transparency to show the component parts of my puppet.

Wed 7th August 2013

Worked up the character some more, hanging out in a lung - at least now I can get down to rigging this little fella - looking forward to it.

Tues 6th August 2013

Decided upon a character to animate. The nicotine monster is that vicious little guy who lives inside nicotine addicts persuading them to keep smoking. I've only got as far as a couple of quick sketches so far but I'm looking forward to bringing this chap to life.


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