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Nicole's Picks for Parents

Hi I'm Nicole, and I'm a Mom from Trinidad & Tobago.

It may seem a bit silly, but I'm trying to use social media to raise the profile of "Family" in T&T. It's rather too long to discuss here, but TRUST ME, there's been a lack of focus on Family and Family Friendly for too long and we're seeing the result in rising crime levels particularly among our youth. We're too tiny and beautiful a country for us to continue down the path we're on! So this is my little way to try to be part of the "solution".

My magazine is geared primarily toward Moms. I curate content that falls into the following categories:
* crafts and ideas for families spending time together
* insightful and thought-provoking ideas into the minds of fellow Moms, as well as kids
* technology trends parents should be aware of

I actually started my Flipboard magazine as soon as the option was made available, and I'm linking to it here. I'm hoping that this class will help teach me how I can craft a better magazine and offer me some useful criticism.

Love Flipboard and love the idea behind this class!
PS - The Web Editor is a brilliant idea!

Here's my magazine: Nicole's Picks for Parents 

And here are some screenshots:




I've decided to start a second magazine dedicated to Trinidad & Tobago. While I think this is a pretty specific focus (tiny island nation) there is just so much I love about it that I will never run out of material! From the arts and music, to tourism and industry, I'll show how tiny T&T has so much to be proud of!

Here's the link: Eclectic T&T -


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