Nicole's Art Goals

Nicole's Art Goals - student project

Home Base:

I'm stuck on this. I hate the idea of painting the same thing over and over again. I love painting dancers but they are too complex and take too long. Maybe a wine glass. Or, I have a handmade copper pitcher that might work. Or an apple.


1) I want to learn to paint loose and more expressive

2) Start having regular studio hours one or more times a week

3) Study dancers, bodies, nudes, portraits

4) Mediums: acrylics, graphite, colored pencil, charcoal, multimedia - I recently loved the look of medium-grey colored paper with black and white pencil used for shaddows and highlights

5) Make statement with the work, not just duplicate what I see, reveal something by choosing what I paint or how I paint it

6) Develop my own style

7) Take classes and workshops

8) Get my work into a gallery, sell my work

Be Consistent:

I've started a practice to do some kind of fine art for at least 5 min a day.  The idea is I start a daily habit and then increase my minimum expectation gradually over time. 


I want to discover myself in my work. I want to increase my trust in what I love and am attracted to. I will explore what I find to be beautiful through the process of observation. I want to show up and commit to my practice. I know I will only get out of my work what I put in. 


I will show up and do the work no matter what my mood is.  Use the mood and explore it in the work.


I will spend time observing my own work and take notes and set goals.


This is actually a relief to see that half your time goes towards planning and setting goals.  I thought I was just procrastinating and staying in my head. But I think planning is key to hitting your target and salivating over your end goal. It's part of ambition and helps you sit with what you want before you go out and get it. I won't have a problem planning.  I may have a problem actually getting to work in my sessions even if it is 25% of the time. 

Art Chart:

Nicole Roberts

Illustrator/Designer/Art Director