Nicole Stella - Singer and Songwriter

Nicole Stella - Singer and Songwriter - student project

Hi there! I'm a singer and songwriter from Italy.

I write songs and poems to express my feelings, my ideas, what I learn from my experiences. Music and words are my life. I really couldn't survive without my guitar!

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My biggest achievement to date was self-releasing an album and obtaining some attention from radio stations and music blogs. It all happened last year, but now I am recording some new materials for a brand new album!

Check out my album "New Day" on my Bandcamp page!

I decided to join the Patreon community to share my music with a bunch of passionate fellows. If I manage to get a steady income from Patreon, I will be able to invest in some new recording gear and build a small home studio.

Here's a link to my Patreon page: Nicole Stella

I hope you guys will find its contents inspiring! Enjoy the music!

Nicole Stella

Independent singer and songwriter