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Nicole Casual Script

I still need to keep the refining the vectors (thanks for the tips Matt!) but this is where my signature mark is at right now. I really appreciated all the tips for practicing brush control. I could do the i's and the l's quite competantly but I REALLY struggled with o and e so I need to practice a lot more! I also found it hard to replicate the same sketch over and over with the brush pen as every itteration changed a lot (again I think this is because my pen control sucked!) Although I tried out a bunch of different brush nibbed pens I found I had the best control with my copics!?)

I almost always start in pencil with my own work (to sketch the type) so I did a bunch of refinements with the pencil.(to get to a place I was happy(ish)!

I was listening to hip hop while working on this this afternoon and I wanted to have something a little bit 'street' although looking at it now I think the hip hop influence is lost.

It definitely needs some more work! The axis of the O I think is too upright. and my e counter is too tight. Lots of room to improve and time permitting I will juimp back in and keep progressing.

Thanks so much Matt for sharing all your valuable knowledge. this project was very insightful and engaging to do!






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