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Stevie Clark

illustrator, graphic designer



Nickel Creek

Not sure if anyone is looking into these projects anymore, but I wanted to take this class regardless, and since any feedback is good feedback, here's hoping someone will offer some sort of critique. This is my first crack at a gig poster, and I picked the reunion of my music hero's old band for a tour this spring/summer. The man is Chris Thile, mandolin player extraordinaire, and the band is Nickel Creek. Think mainstream bluegrass, if there was such a thing. I chose their NY venue at the Beacon Theatre, and for this project I really wanted to test my skills with vector as opposed to freehand illustration, then coloring digitally.

I decided to go with an espresso machine. Thile loves espresso, his recent wife's maiden name is Coffee, and espresso is a NY staple. Plus, I thought the play on Nickel Creek with the stainless steel/metallic look would be pretty cool.

Images to draw inspiration from:

I drew up a couple of sketches, but they're all pretty rough. I'm going to skip straight to the vector stuff, since that is what I mainly focused on.

Line drawing:


I added a few gradients to make it look more machine-like

Next, I had to incorporate the band name. I decided to put it as the maker of the espresso machine, and really wanted to push the shiny metallic feel here. I also added cups on top of the machine to make put a little asymmetry in there without throwing off the cool super symmetric feel that I had going on. Threw some textures in there to make it look like it's been put to some use, and give some depth to the background.



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