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Niche Bespoke Clothing

I've decided to use this class to create a logo design for a fictional high end bespoke clothing called Niche, as the class has been saved on my to-do list for some time. I'm not sure if a custom type approach is appropriate in this case, but I'm keen to explore the techniques and experiment. 

Here are a few notes on Niche from my creative brief:

Objective: To establish a simple and modern brand identity which will remain timesless throughout the extension of the brand/company.

Ideal customers: Women aged 28-35 looking to add timeless classic pieces with a modern twist to their wardrobe - be it for a special occasion or every day wear.

Creative considerations:

• The logo design should use clean lines in order to provide a modern aesthetic.

• Forward-thinking - should be kept simple so that it provides the flexibility of being able to be stitched clearly onto a clothing tag.

• Not to use the colours blue, purple or green. 

Key words: modern-classic blend, sophisticated, luxurious, glamorous, high quality.

Mood board: 

I actually created the creative brief and mood board after drawing the following ideas, in order to help provide clarity. With this in mind, I may do some additional sketching over the weekend to see if I can produce more logo designs. 

If you could please leave some feedback on which logo designs you feel work / don't work so far I'd really appreciate it.


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