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Nice to meet you! (Sample Project)

I’ve got a long list of my favourite typefaces, and a few pairs which I devised for a few clients and for my own studio and projects which I am totally in love with. But it is pretty different story, when it comes to introducing myself this way, so I had to dig through some stuff and find typefaces which really work well with my character and in which my name looks like I feel it should. My chosen typefaces are either quite friendly and confident, to spell my name, or pretty neutral to tell who I am. So here they are…


One of my favourite simple combination of two weights (Black and Thin) of Proxima Nova set in the same size.


Strong contrast between Lexia Black and Proxima Nova Light due to the difference in weight, size and loose tracking of the text set in Proxima Nova.


Another version of combining Lexia Black and Proxima Nova Light.


I’ve just recently discovered Grueber typeface and used it in the logo for Mastering Typesetting series, and decided to give it a try here by combining Grueber Regular and Futura PT Book.

Let me know what is your impression of me from seeing this typographic compositions;) And I'll be waiting to see your own introductions!


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