Nice Pluck

Nice Pluck - student project

I've always enjoyed zines, and was involved in makiing them when I was in high school. I did photos for a few graffiti and skate zines, that were mostly manually cut and pasted, and photocopied. Recently, I've gotten back into reading them and really like the screenpreinted and Risograph ones, especially if I can use them as a tool to promote my design work.

My zine, Nice Pluck, is basically going to be a visual story of a day in the life of a kid living in a fictional. urban beach town called Gull Bay. This is essentially a narrative attempt at showing a lof ob my interests, namely city and beach imagery. The zien will be layed out with both scenery and street photography, as well as illustrations and some typography design. I'll present this on 5.5" x 8.5", and will use a mix of jet printer with Risograph.Nice Pluck - image 1 - student project

Nice Pluck - image 2 - student project