Nib doodles

Nib doodles - student project

I've always loved to doodle, and that was my first instinct when I resumed drawing after a many long years.

I have some felt-tip ink pens, so I'm already familiar with doodling with them. So, since the project is also about experimenting and trying new things, I decided to give the ol' pen and nib a doodling try!

Nib doodles - image 1 - student project

What I liked about this experience was the different widths I was able to achieve because of the nib, which I think adds interest to the doodle.

The one thing I didn't quite like, actually, was inking using the nib, because the very fine and hard tip scratches the standard sketchbook paper I drew in. It didn't damage the paper, but it did wear some parts off.

Nib doodles - image 2 - student project

That was fun!

Next, I'm going to try coloring some parts in with watercolor. Let's see how that goes. ;)

Marina Kater

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