Next test inspection

Next test inspection - student project


I was working as a test engineer in mechanical testing for a while and a lot of those tests involved a few thousand cycles to simulate a lifetime of use of a product. I had to check on the different tests in regular intervalls and especially when I had four tests running at the same time, I didn't want to have to run down in the workshop, check the current cycle number and then back to the office, put in the numbers and times I had written on some scrap paper into excel, just to know when I would have to check on the test the next time. So I wrote this small app where I have four different test stations (robot cell and so on in the picture below) together with their next inspection time (and remaining days).
Next test inspection - image 1 - student project

When you click on one of these stations you get to this calculation screen. The top row will show the calculated inspection time and below you put in the number of cycles after which you want to make the inspection, the length of one cycle, the number of the current cycle and the current time. Here I even put in a button that automatically fetches the current time and puts in in here.

When all the numbers are in place, you hit calculate and the top row will be updated. 

All numbers are saved as soon as you hit the back button or leave the app. When pressing back, the calculated time will be reported back to the first screen, so that you can see the overview of all the next inspection times.

If there's a number missing for the calculation, a toast will ask you for that number and the text in that field will change to red.

Next test inspection - image 2 - student project

Here you can see how it looks like after the calculation:

Next test inspection - image 3 - student project

I guess this app ist mostly based on the pet bio and the tip calculation. It was pretty fun to make and this class was really helpful in providing me with the knowledge I needed to get there. Thanks :)