Nexercise - COO Version

Nexercise - COO Version - student project

Nexercise is a mobile app that tracks your physical activities without any hardware accessory, motivates you using community leaderboards, and offers you a reward for successfully accomplishing your goals. Our app has been downloaded more than 500,000 times since launch and 20% of them are active users. Nexercise is currently earning revenue each month from the rewards that our users earn.  Nexercise is also a fun game and social support network that is proven to help people reach their weight loss and fitness goals.  It is different from GymPact, Fitocracy, or Runkeeper in that it primarily focuses on the game aspects while incorporating the tracking and social aspects users expect.  Nexercisers have tracked over 85,000,000 minutes of physical activity and are seeing real results.  Users are getting off blood pressure meds, shedding pounds, pant sizes, and dress sizes, and even seeing changes in their behavior, confidence, and mood.  One diabetic user even had her doctor recently tell her that her bloodwork was the best she had seen it.

Plain and simple, we provide motivation and are seeing dramatic results with REAL PEOPLE around the world.

One huge differentiator is our ability to track AND VALIDATE activity. Furthermore, unlike much of the competition, we don’t force users into a cookie cutter social setting. Both super social users and users that don’t interact socially at all, have seen tremendous success with our app. Additionally, we are the simplest solution for busy adults and have a 5.0 star rating in the App Store and a 4.4 star rating in Google Play. Our target demographic is the adult weight loss and fitness community.  63% of our user base is female with 55% of ALL Nexercisers in the 18-44 year-old female demographic.  There are plenty of content and tracking tools available but we are laser focused on motivation, because without motivation, none of the other tools will ever get used.