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"New"vember Challenge


Since I am trying to make this November challenge work for me, one or more excuses just keeps popping up. I tried keeping up and I am sure I will be able to keep up. It's festive season here and I am stuck between a lot of travelling and being tired. 

SO My 30 days will be posters with the "PROMPT" words and depicting India in some way or other.

I am trying to finish and post as much as possible. so guys bare with me on day changes :)

On day 15, I realised that I am using almost all the classes I took over Skillhare. That's a great thing that has come out of this challenge. I am loving every bit of it cos it's really hard to keep up with 1 art per day and that's why it is even more challenging  and exciting:). 

On day 19, I realised this is not about the finished product, its about the fun of discovering. I am discovering new and fun textures which are mostly results of mistakes. So ya, if it appeals to you, who cares it is a mistake right :D. I am loving my mistakes

Cheers guys!

Day 17

Prompt: Family

So Just yesterday i watched the croods movie and I was like whatever the era of human life is: family is the same. You just can't go against your dad and you just can't agree to him. So I tried depicting that in this pre stone age art :) Cheers you guys. I loved making this 


Day 15

Prompt: Sock

So, I am not in a cold part of the world. I was thinking what I should do with a sock and remembered sock bunnies and puppets. Googled a ton of images and finally decided to a comic strip. Gess why? Yup, I just finished taking a comic strip making class. So I had a take on a comic strip where this sock is a rebel in its society. Here you go. And guys will really appreciate ur feedback knowing if i got the humour through. I am not a "Let me say a joke" kinda person. So lemme know :) 



Day 14

Prompt: Acorn

Acorn is something I haven't seen in person. This is an "ice age" movie popularity material for us, i think. So when something impresses us and we don't have it, we try making  afabric out of it. We make patch works and embrioderies. So I decided to do a pattern with the acorn using fabric and stiches in Photoshop and here is what I got


Then I applied to a mock up of cusion covers to give an idea of usage. It is a great t-shirt design too...

Technically its not a poster but it can be a furnishing poster ad (Maybe! errr, i think :) :) )



Day 13

Prompt: Leaves

This was one nice word that I went round and round to choose what exactly i should make my poster of. So finally I remembered that in our villages near the coastal reagion (we have so many coconut trees), we used to take rides on the fallen leaves or should i say "Branch". Well anyways I am not sure if it happens in any other part of the world but if you get a chance guys, you should definitely try it. It is a lot of fun.



Day 12:

Prompt: Apple

 wanted to do a minimalistic poster today and its my first cos I am messy when it comes to elements. So this was hard for me. Anyways it is  a take on "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away". Hope you guys enjoy it.


Day 11:

Prompt: Season

My best season, the one that I have enjoyed is monsoon. It was a beautiful evening and it was raining soft and we shared an umbrella. Additional romantic elements, we were in the beach and it was an amazing sunset. The best thing was we decided to eat an ice cream in the rain. That season me and him went out everyday, whether it rained or didn't, stayed till late night walking across the beach talking endless. I seriously don't remember what we talked but we did ;) 

That monsoon season of that year was really so special to me and yup! thats depiction of me and him in there :D


Day 10:

Prompt: Gathering

Gathering. I referred it to collecting. Me and my sister used to fight over these marbles as children as to who owns what color. My grandfather used to bring us so many of these (not sure from where). There were so many games we play. We count how many we have and keep counting everyday so that I have more marbles than my sister. That's one fun childhoos memory that I tried to depict here using pastels and Digital art. Nothing fancy but I think its good enough


Day 9:

Prompt: Tea

So morning tea is not just tea. That 5 mins or 10 mins that you get to sip the tea is when you get ready for the day, going through emails, newspaper, to-do list. Well, basically the tea is the power to all htroughout the day and this is a poster illustrating just that. Can you guys read it through ??


Day 8:

Prompt: Home

So Home means happiness and home means comfort to me. It is all in our hearts :) 


Day 7:

Prompt: Chill

Today was fun cos in India where we live there is no chilling. So I remembered the Himalyas being the chilliest of all the places here and illustrated it into a poster 


Day 6


My feast in India is Festival. It means unlimited fun, unlimited wake up at night, unlimited food, nlimited dress and so on. This is my chumbak take on diwali feast :)


Day 5

Prompt: Bonfire

This made me rememeber my Rajasthan trip. We generally don't do bonfires in India but in Rajasthan, a desert region,when the night gets colder people get together and dance. This is another thing that's Indian-y. Dance, music and bonfire in traditional outfits (long skirts and heavy ornaments).



Day 4

Prompt: Color

When I think of color, I remember my mom saying me about the old gramaphones that has this charming and colorful records. They were in Eastman colors. Bright and VIvid. 

So I think Music is just as colorful as colors. So I tried depicting that :) and why Indiany?! is cos we still own that gramaphone and its a chracteristic of us to hold on to things that gives us memories. I have items from my great grand father even :) Many people pass things on for generations.


Day 3

Prompt: Hay "Hay overload"

This is one of the things you can notice here. Overloaded anything. And Hay lorrys are something very common and is a thing cos when you see such lorrys, your heart gets pouncing to know that the Lorry can travel safe (esplecially during turns and hills). 

That is what I tried making a poster of 


Day 2 

Prompt: Gourd "Gourden"

So, When I thought of connecting gourds to India and remembered the wide fields i have seen long before. My dad is an agriculture officer here. So I have visited umpteen fields and we cultivate in home jus for the fun of it. We had a watermelon plant in our backyard. This is the experpt of that except I replaced the watermelon with pumpkin :)


Day 1

Prompt: Fall, "RainFall"

Indian Seasons, We don't have fall but this part of the year is monsoon for us and I was trying to find a relative term connecting fall and monsoon. Came up with RainFall. 

And as a result what comes to my mind is a childhood memory "Making paper boats" in the rain puddles. I am sure this is something we all would haven enjoyed at some point. It's such beautiful days. Also I wanted to share 



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