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Newspaper Boy Clothing

Brand Name: Newspaper Boy Clothing

We are a brand influenced by the image, character, values, and lifestyle of a classic newspaper boy (think 1930s). The persona perfectly encapsulates a philosophy that all founding members of the brand believe in. It is a lifestyle that encourages growth while holding on to the ideas of the past, and a lifestyle that believes in maturity and experience while promoting playfulness and curiosity. Our brand sends a message of positivity, childlikeness and optimism to you through our clothes, ideas, photos, and stories. We aspire to be your modern newspaper boy: a medium that aims to educate, influence, deliver and communicate a simple positive message.

The Logo

The bicycle handlebar represents the medium through which a paperboy delivers a message. This logo signifies the brand’s role in communicating this message to its customers. This particular handlebar style was chosen in order to look as if it was smiling. The smile is somewhat a representation of our culture and character as Filipinos and the message of optimism that we try to deliver. 

Our Philosophy: "Grow Older, Think Younger"

Grow older

            The first part of our philosophy talks about the development of one’s character. To grow old means to become wiser, more experienced and more knowledgeable. The word “old”, usually taken as a negative trait, is something that we as a brand turn into the positive. We honor the practices of heritage, tradition and craftsmanship. These are traits that are continually patronized, practiced, appreciated and tested through time. This to us, are the reasons why the idea of “growing older” attracts us. It’s a matter of perspective that we want to share, a story we want to tell.

 Think younger

            What is deemed as a period in your life that involves a lot of learning and discovering, is an interval that we as a brand consider to be relevant even in the age of adolescence. Being a kid is about constantly being curious. We always wonder why a young kid is always trying out new things, discovering new experiences and as a result amuses himself. Curiosity is about keeping things light, turning any negative instances that we experience on a daily basis into something positive.

Grow older, think younger

            Blending the two concepts that is “grow older” and “think younger”, our aim is to share the idea of keeping optimistic. Every day is a challenge for any one of us, whether it be frying an egg, meeting that deadline or paying your bills. We all encounter these experiences and we should treat them as an experience during our current stage of growth. Every day doesn’t have to be about setbacks, or difficulties. These experiences are significant in a sense that they contribute to our development and maturity. At the same time we always want to remember to keep things light, to amuse ourselves instead of letting ourselves down. Thinking younger should remind you of your childlikeness, your constant curiosity, that optimism that will allow you to keep on moving forward. 

Previous Collections

Our Newest Collection

We take inspirations from memories of the past. Tales and traditions that were passed down from generation to generation are ideas that greatly influence the beliefs and lifestyles of the present time. An untold story or an unshared memory will be forever lost if not documented.

The T’boli, also known as “Dreamweavers”, is a tribe from the Philippines known for weaving T’nalak fabrics. The T’nalak is a type of fabric woven using abaca fibers and takes 4 weeks to weave. The designs are said to have been dreamt of by ancestors and have been passed down to the present weavers. These patterns are done from memory alone, which once forgotten, will be forever lost.

This collection is our tribute to memories and to this process of T’boli weavers. These pieces aim to document these memories. Details such as the abaca rope and t’nalak fabrics signify the roots of the brand. Dark and washed out colors with a small bright colored stitch illustrates the nature of memory: the idea of how memories are never clear and how some parts stand out and spark positive emotions. This is our way of trying to recreate these moments through our way of story-telling.

This will be the color palette for our latest collection. Mostly reflective of the season, which is fall/winter 2013. as you scroll down you will see the pieces that we designed that we hope inspires you the way it has inspired us. 

This shirt is made of gray chambray fabric. Sleeve detail with the hand-stitched yellow rugged thread signifies the little sparks of color described in our collection inspiration. The hand-stitched aspect of this detail gives the wearer a somewhat personal collection with the process of making the shirt. Pleated side gussets are small touches of our roots as Filipinos inspired by the barong. This formal Filipino garment would usually have pleats on the shirt’s body (similar to guayaberas). A silk-screened “Loosen Up” graphic suggests the best way to wear this specific shirt which is an unbuttoned top button. At the same time, it also depicts our philosophy as a brand.

This is a shirt made from seersucker fabric with a combination of white Egyptian cotton for the collar. The outer collar band would have a white embroidered pattern to give it a subtle detail and texture. As for the shirt’s locker loop, an abaca rope, a material commonly used for Filipino products. Also best worn “Loosened Up”.

This shirt is made of navy blue chambray fabric. Instead of a button, closing the sleeve cuffs would entail using a monkey fist knot bungee cord to secure it. This knot will be sewn inside the cuff with the ball exposed. Also best worn “Loosened up”.

This shirt is made from a brown oxford fabric. The pocket detail draws inspiration from rugs found mostly in all Filipino households. This rug uses excess fabrics that is cut into strips and woven to create different designs. This pocket weave would mostly have earth colors but with a hint of orange to add color to the shirt. Also best worn “Loosened Up”.

This shirt is made of gray chambray fabric. Hand-stitched “positive sign” detail on the pocket reflects the brands philosophy on staying positive and optimistic. A hand-stitched detail adds a personal touch to the shirt. Also best worn “Loosened Up”

This jacket is made of Tweed with a combination of T’nalak fabric. The pocket detail inside the jacket resembles a sleeping bag. This pocket (with a write-up about the t’nalak fabric) can be rolled up when not in use. This is then secured with the bungee cord and the button. Using the “sleeping bag” concept reflects the spark of ideas of patterns of the T’boli weavers that appear in their dreams. This pocket is ideal for storing small notebooks (perfect for writing down your own spark of ideas on paper).

This shirt is made of printed cotton fabric. Instead of using fabric for a collar tab, abaca rope is used to hold the collars together. The rope is tied into a monkey-fist knot attached to one side of the collar and a loop on the other side of the collar. Inserting the knot into the loop secures the collar. This shirt is best worn with the top button buttoned, thus not having the “Loosen Up” graphic.

This tee is made from heather gray cotton with hand-stitched positive sign patterns. The reds and yellows would give the shirt the hint of color despite the washed colors of the collection. 

this car design is inspired by of course, primarily vintage. as represented through the hood, we wanted to show the weaving process that we plan to do in one of our pockets. the colors that were chosen best represent as well that vintage look that we always strive to be consistent with. 


If you were to ask us right off the bat how much we would plan to sell the pieces of our collection? We would retail them at $80 USD. 

We finally got our first orders of the T'Nalak fabric we've been talking about that comes from the T'boli weavers. We're loving the detail on this exquisite fabric and we can't wait to share the collection with you all and see it coming together. 

Here's another sample of the hand crafted, hand stitched detail that we are planning to include in this upcoming collection. There's a lot of work put into it, however it seems like it'll pay off if we're considering overall quality and look. 

The toughest part has to be choosing the proper fabrics for the right pieces. right now we're still in the process of elimination, but these are what we're loving so far! 

This doormat/rug or whatever it's called universally, has a very interesting pattern to it. the weave is one of a kind in a sense that it is only really applied most frequently to doormats as such. we're thinking of doing the same type of weave as a pocket on one of our pieces. or maybe even several. 

Finally purchased most of the fabrics for our coming Fall/Winter 2013. We're really excited to be putting these fabrics together to bring you what we would consider our debut collection. Your thoughts???

If we ever had buttons customized. and well we all should along the road right? this is probably how it would like. 

We'll be posting more photos soon!

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts with us!

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