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NewsReader Assignment Desk

This project automates the workflow assignments for remote part-time newsreaders for an internet television station, who read short news stories via webcam to the station recording system. 

News readers are located in a variety of locations and time zones. Once they complete an audition process and provided email, Paypal account info and mobile phone number, they are given a log-in to the Assignment Desk.

Since all news readers are independent talent, involved in other projects or may not be immediately available, a story is announced to several readers at the same time via SMS. When they log into the Assigment desk can see if the story has already been checked out, First one to record the story gets paid, but a late reader can choose from other stories that may still available.

A newsreader can check out (commit to reading) a story or ignore the announcement. If they record the 60-90 second video on the station's webcam recording system within 30 minutes they get credit.  Their successful gig credits are recorded and they are paid via PayPal at the end of each week. 

Page 1 isLogin for talent, and some recruiting information for prospective newsreaders on how to audition.

Page 2 is the RSS feed , the button where the user commits ot a given story, and checkout status.

Page 3 is the single story that the newsreader, a count down timer and a text box for the web site or phone number or mailto link in the call to action "for more info click on"

Page 4 is the user's account page: Gigs this day, week, credit balance, Paypal record, updated weekly when PayPal notices emailed.  Less than 20 newsreaders are registered in the system.


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