Newness 2013

Newness 2013 - student project

This year is going to be a year of new and novel experiences for me.  I moved my home due to a new job and i have decided this is the year I'm going to EMBRACE NEWNESS this year.  My project will be about tracking the new things, places and people i experience this year.

I love to travel and have a world map with pins showing everywhere i've been.  I like the possiblity of what a map represents, the new places to go and the new experiences that might be just right around the corner. 

I'm taking the class to find interesting ways to map my experiences.  I went back to some of my journals written during my travels and wished that i had spent some more time recording maps of the places i went to.  While i am the ultimate target audience for these types of maps, i would share them with the people i travel with and the people that i share my travel stories with.

My final project will be digital, as I'd like to track a lot of the details from the new places I go.  I'd also like to have a simple version of a printed map that I can carry with me to make notes on and keep it personal as well.  

I'm learning how to use a mac, so I may need help from the class on mac details.  And I'm looking forward to learning new tips on mapmaking!Newness 2013 - image 1 - student project