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Charis Rountree

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Newlywed Care Package

This class was so great! I've admired Erik's work for a while now, and when I saw that he was teaching a class, I signed up right away! It took me a couple of days to decide who I would send something to, then I remembered some friends who are getting married this month. I wanted to do something special since I wasn't going to be able to make the trip to Oregon for the wedding, so I figured this would be a perfect gift/way to send a gift. It's definitley unique, and I highly doubt anyone else did the same for them!

So, as soon as I chose Scott and Mandy, I went out in search of supplies. I went to several office supply stores, post offices, and Fed Ex stores. Finally, I found this at a Fed Ex store, which was better than anything I had seen so far. So I decided I could work with it.


I already had an idea for a layout in my head, so I started sketching on my tracing paper. One sheet was about half the size of the envelope, so I split it up.

I used the tracing paper as a "carbon copy" (like Erik did in the videos) for the SWANSON and for the layout guidelines for the address. I sketched directly on the envelope for everything else.


Memphis has one local art store that I know of, and they didn't have the Pentel chalk markers, but they did have some jumbo chalk markers for like $15 each. Yeah, right. So I found some chalk markers at a craft store (Joann, I think), but didn't realize until I got home that they are bullet-tipped and not chisel-tipped. Which made my work a bit more difficult, but I worked with it.

These are the tools I ended up using. I found that using a round paintbrush, I could touch up the edges of my drop shadows by "painting" the chalk markers to get the paint onto the paintbrush, and then painting in the details. This brush makes a very fine point and made it easy to smooth out some of my mistakes. I also used this technique to paint the drop shadows for the smaller letters in the address.

Envelope Composition:

It took some work to make the letters the width I wanted them, and the markers don't exactly write well on top of the already dried chalk. This was the longest process of the whole project.

It took some work to make the letters the width I wanted them, and the markers don't exactly write well on top of the already dried chalk.

Final Creation:

And here it is. I'm not totally happy with how the "Scott & Mandy" part turned out. And the address got a bit sloppy. But overall, I was excited to finish and send it off!

This was at the post office, packed and ready to ship. The lady was a bit of a grouch and told me she couldn't take it because my return address wasn't on the front of it. So I fit that in the S. She asked me some questions about the address, but she took it. I'm sure she was just putting up a "not-taking-any-crap" front, because when I was walking out the door I turned around to see her showing it to her co-workers. They were all smiles, so that's good news.

I can't wait to hear from Scott and Mandy when they get it! Hopefully it still looks alright since the chalk is...well, chalk. It kinda rubs off. So I'm hoping it can endure the trip. If not, I have pictures!


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