Newflanged's dream studio

Newflanged's dream studio - student project

Hello everyone!

I firstly want to thank Lisk Feng for putting this class together -- it was easy to follow and really enriching. I would also like to thank everyone that shared their projects on here, they all gave me an insight on what to expect from this class before taking it.

This is my own project for the class: my dream studio. I followed the advice to sketch quickly and not overthink it and then, when I finished my piece completely, I could interpret and analyze why this was my dream studio. Since I've been moving around for the past few years, I think that's why my character is moving and carrying just the essentials. I pretty much need a big desk, some plants and tons of natural light -- no more apartments in a basement or deprived of natural light!

EDIT: I included a second one! In this project I pictured myself after I have established in one country/city/place and my dream studio has amazing views to the mountains, the sea, I will finally be able to adopt a cat -- I am allergic to dogs -- and will continue to paint using gouache! Hope you like this second version as well!

I hope you all like the results and I'll make sure to continue practicing. 

You can always check my works on IG as well (@newflanged_)



Newflanged's dream studio - image 1 - student project

Newflanged's dream studio - image 2 - student project

Benjamin Romero
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