Lisa Palmer

Spreading the joy of paper filigree.



Newbie in niche craft category

I am a paper quilling artist in the newer craft category of Skillshare. I just posted my first class in July and I'm finishing my second class today (Wednesday, August 24, 2016). Thanks to some of these Skillshare changes, I now feel I have hope.

When looking through Skillshare, and deciding if it was worth my time, I was concerned about it not really gaining me a lot inside the system. I did not expect to make a substantial amount of money each month. I decided it was just one more outlet in my business plan for me over all to share my classes somewhere with possible income other than for free on YouTube.

Why? Because as a craft category teacher I quickly recognized it is not easy for people to just 'take' a class and 'write' a project, such as I'm doing now. It requires people to have the materials on hand or purchase the materials. Then they have to create the project, and then take pictures and upload them. The chance for me to end up on the All Classes trending page was almost none existent. Now I feel some of these changes actually give me a chance at hitting a trending area at least in the category of All Craft Classes.

Skillshare may make me a little bit of money after all.

Thanks for the update!

And here's my premium class: GYTO Intro to Paper Quilling


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