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Sakshi Dez

Hand lettering, Calligraphy, and watercolor artist



NewYear Magic

This is the perfect class to start this year. I had seen the SketchBook magic part I class but still kept procrastinating creatign an actual designated sketchbook. Right now I'm completeing a sketchbook I'd staredd in Feb 2014, I drew a couple sketches and could already see the marked difference in them from almost a couple years ago!

The first thing I did was to download and roll the prompts like Ria did. The process was so soothing and calming and almost meditative. When my magic bowl of Inspiration was ready all that was left was to sketch!

Day 1 - prompt from the Magic Bowl - Egg

I drew a chick in the sketch as well because I'm vegetarian trying to be a vegan and didn't want to show an egg as food but something that might eventualy be the beginning of a life - a cute chick.


Day 2 - Lock

I drew the lock as heart shape and antique because there are many people who are too afraid to love with all their heart with the fear of being hurt and keep it all but in the process don't get to feel the highs that love can give too. This is inspired from Ed Sheeran's song 'Lay it all on me' where the lyrics go:

"No you don't have to keep it under lock and key
'Cause I will never let you down"


Day 3 - (let's see what the magic bowl of Inspiration holds for me tomorrow....)


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