//New works!!// Texture. Color. Glamorous.

Hi there,

I like the white gowns with differenct textures and also the contrast of colors.

And, appealing as it is, the bohemian style can always bring people to the mood of freedom and spontaneous.

New updates!! I chose a bigger paillette to create some texture. For the feather one(my favorite one), since it's not so suitable with my material, I only add very little paillette for the final touch.

Hope you like it!!

I also love this one, although the color of the dress is so dark, I think I still create a better effect with the glitters!

I decide to paint this one in yellow because I want to use my yellow crystal, it's quite difficult to draw the layers of the dress and hope I made it!

A combanation of the glitters and the crystal!


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