New website for Veronica

Thanks for the geat talk.

I took inspiration from my dad's business which sells white bisque (mugs, bowls, plates etc) to retail shops that then allow customers to come in and paint them. They can then be fired and used to eat your dinner off them. He also sells the paints and glaze.

However, my dad's website is pretty bad atm so I took on the challenge to think about how it could be restructured.

I started off with the user profile. To summarise, Veronica owns a small bisque shop and is an active member of her community. She is very artistic, having a background in fine art. However she understands the principles of business and has the motivation to go out there and make her living.

She really needs a company/service/brand that can provide her the stock, tools and advice she needs to help her local business run effectively.

At the moment, the shapes are not strong enough, the paints and shapes are not fully compatible, her stock is always low and there is nowhere for her to go to get her questions answered.



I started off with some crazy-eights. Here I thought about what would appeal to Veronica on the homepage. I went from just plain bisque, to coloured shapes to show the end product, to photos from a retail shop to represent the happy, busy environment Veronica is looking for in her own shop.



However I thought this was straying too far from the initial product, so I went back to focussing on the three  main points of focus - plain shapes, colour and glaze. In fact, my dad's business supplies all of the things that you would need to start/run your own shop of this kind.

So then, I thought about how you could represent each stage in the painting process, and we could start with just a plain mug, then a painted mug, then a glazed mug to represent each stage. Then I could link off to individual product pages for each of these things.


But those were the things I got down. It was fun to do. I was interested to find that I could get my ideas down on paper - because I rarely pick up a pen which is pretty bad.

Thanks again!



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