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New regulations: New restrictions

Product Background: My product is a nationwide data entry and reporting web application that requires adherence to ever-changing laws and regulations.  Violations of these regulations result in monetary fines and can result in the loss of work.

Problem Hypothesis: Due to regulation changes users with a B classification can no longer have access to certain data that is currently available to them when running reports. This product update needs to occur by 07/31 in order to avoid violation.  It's estimated that this will take our entire team plus an additional resource, 10 weeks to complete this update.

Solution Hypothesis:  The reports function needs to be modified so that data outside user B's scope is limited when running the report.

Assumptions about my customers: 

1.  Users need an application to enter data/report that is complient with current regulations.

2.  Users with B classification need reporting capabilities - Riskiest Assumption


Email survey to all B users and set up a call to talk to 1 user from each region:

1. a) Do you run reports?

     b) How often do you run reports (daily, weekly, monthly, annually)?

2. Are these reports critical to your orginization?

3. How big are the reports you run (small defined as bringing back 1-25 results; medium defined as bringing back 26-75 results; large defined as brining back 76-125+ results).

Success Criteria:

1.  a) 60%, yes; b) 25% daily, 25% weekly

2.  50%, yes

3.  50%, large


I recieved approx 60% of the email survey responses from users representing a variety of regions and spoke with 9 users via teleconference.  The results were pretty similar in that these users almost never run reports.  

Two users run high level reports a few times/year (small) and is data they can collect via the search function which already restricts the type of data they have access too.


Since this effort is time sensative, it doesn't make sense to move forwards with such a big product enhancement that will eat up time, resources, and a lot of money. 

2nd Solution Hypothesis:

Turn off the reporting function for all B users to meet the 7/31 deadline.  This product update will take 2 weeks (rather than the original 10 weeks) and will free up resources to work on other product enhancements concurrently.  


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