New poem

Not sure if this sits under abstract, but here is my poem :)


New things


Before, it was different

My focus, once it seemed clear, now it was fuzzy and full of doubt

Who was lurking beneath the mask?

I cut to the core like an oil rigger dredging deeply into the dark earth to find his gold…


What I found surprised me.

It wasn’t new…it was familiar, it was just dusty and unused for a time…


The more I dug, the more I felt my body engross in this beautiful familiar warmth


I had forgotten so much of who I had been, the bright eyed, sparkly, curious, loving heart…where did she go? How did she get lost for so long? What happened to make her feel like she could no longer recognise herself?


What a revelation!


A sense of calm, peace and serenity ensued,

A warm, cozy knowing that this new, unearthed treasure would never be lost again.


What a feeling, what a thing to know.