New logo for the neighborhood cupcake shop

New logo for the neighborhood cupcake shop - student project

This isn't a project about my company's logo, but rather about a cupcake shop in my neighborhood that I think needs a new logo!

Why do you want to change the logo?

  • It's completely unappealing, and doesn't at all match the style of food they sell (creative cupcakes and treats).
  • It seems more appropriate for a food truck than a physical bakery.
  • It doesn't match the neighborhood.

Making the case for a new logo

  • Desired qualities: Fun, festive/celebratory, whimsical, comforting
  • Current logo dissection: The illustration is confusing (it's not clear that it's a cupcake or why the cupcake has wheels), the typeface is generic, and it doesn't have an appealing or warm "feel".
  • Logo history: The logo was first used on a food truck, and then used on a physical bakery.

Next I would need to evaluate the logos of some competitors, and then come up with a proposed logo for the cupcake shop!