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New life for an old thing

At first I appreciate this detailed lesson. I'm glad it gives me a courage to try an ink drawing finally. The most important trick I took from this class is a fast-sketch copying, using the...window)
I usually afraid to start drawing without any line on paper, but this trick gives me some confidence...

So, I took my old naturemorte drawn with multiliners and tryed to give it a new life in ink.


On this foto you can see how beautiful were this small leafs on the white background.

Day ofter day I find a new ways, textures and tricks. I'm a beginner and maybe that's why I redraw 100 times the same things, but I just cannot achive the perfectness despite all that. Anyway, I finished this piece today and want to make some conclusions just for myself.

How it was:


How it looks now:


I like:

  • the hyacinths flowers are much more tender now
  • the leafs of hyacinth is interesting and not looking plastic anymore
  • composition itself is better
  • the difference between horisontal and verlical surfaces gives a better contrast

I failed:

  • the texture of glass
  • the wool background kills the small leafs outside the vase
  • shadows are not looking realistic
  • texture of wood is not good enough

The most important is the new understanding of textures come to me.


and that's the final pic i made. I'm happy to see a progress)


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