New healthcare in Nepal

New healthcare in Nepal - student project

Nyaya Health is a for-purpose organization that exists to realize the right to health by delivering transparent, data-driven health care for Nepal’s rural poor.

The organization has grown from its early beginning with Yale medical student co-founders to a current working hospital in rural Western-Nepal. Employing 155 Nepali staff, working with the government and committed to displaying all work, data and finances in a transparent manner, Nyaya Health's passion is to change health care for the better in Nepal.

I am hoping to learn how to bring the work and presence of Nyaya Health to a wider audience, and to develop a committed fan-base of followers to its twitter, facebook and website.


At the moment, the methods of gaining fanbase and keeping audience attention are:

1. Mailchimp emails sent on a continual basis with hyperlinks to relevant website pages, or facebook post, blog, etc.

2. Regular twitter feeds with shoutouts to partners and having our tweets retweeted by them and fans.

3. Facebook posts with encouragement to like and share/repost.

4. Did a short test run of Facebook Ads during the holidays in 2012.

5. Used a PR firm for a few weeks in 2012 to help us gain larger audience for a voting competition (we reached 861,449 people in 2 weeks with their help).

6. Partner with other healthcare/nonprofit/social justice organizations.

7. Mentioned in Ryot news articles. Example:

I'm not sure what kind of testing to do for our organization. We'd like to grow our audience, and one way would be to tweak the website design and keep it better updated and regularly.

We have Google Analytics, and FB and Mailchimp analytics.

Any suggestions for other ways to get our name out? I guess we are a different from most of the sites in this class as we're not a consumer service-provider.