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New food menu for specialty coffee shop

Hello guys. So I had the pleasure on my day off to show up at my bosses new coffee shop and demand that I shoot photos and that he pay me to did this. Turns out that they were about to look for a photographer to shoot the new menu and things needed to be shot by this upcoming monday. As I sketched a lay out for some window light I noticed the buildings window was on a pretty dull side of the street. Plus it has been extremely gloomy the past couple days and not enough strong ambient light. That meant my iso needed to be boosted and therefore downgrading some quality for my shot. Lucky enough I brought my one strobe which is a yongnuo yn-560 ii with CowboyStudio NPT-04 4 Channel Wireless Hot Shoe Flash Trigger Receiver. These are pretty cheap if you and on a budget and looking to experiment for now. Anyways, My biggest problem was I couldn't get the light soft enough and I decided to creative a quick softbox by using things around the restaurant. I needed some sort of white back drop which the owners wife lended me some linens from the catering department and two dish washing racks to hold up the linens. As I searched for a comfy spot I noticed that the seats against the wall had an interesting pattern

therefore giving me something to add to with the food. As I experimented with how to utilize one strobe I laid it down on the seat and popped a flash into the seatback and into the top of the linens to spread the light. Plus draping the linen over my head to fill the light in the front as much as possible.

I noticed it was a little hot on the back light for the food so I pulled out the fill card on the strobe to block the hot light leak from the strobe. 

One thing I wanted was constistency for there website and in future shoots(being tomorrow) is to carry my tripod with. Anyways here are some examples of what came out and I only had time to upload the lightroom editing and not the photoshop edits but you get the picture. So tomorrow I will be finishing up the project with some dessert menu shots.


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