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New definition of female

Here you will find my sketches. I didn't do them in Photoshop/Illustrator because I always do the sketchingfase with a pencil and paper. 

I started doing the sketches in my natural way (cartoony but more realistic)

Not being satisfied (this are just some of the sketches made) i started sketching again but way more simplified. 

Still need to keep in mind not to make the drawings too 'complex'. I really want to learn how to show what i want to tell in as little as possible lines. I'm always jealous off a drawing style like yours Sarah: to the point and funny!

I also want my cartoon to have curves: yes i have boobs and a but :-). But that's what i want to create my comic(s) about. How I experience my 'woman-iness' in real life, next to the image of a perfect woman in the current world. How i struggle with my lumps, bumps and hamster cheeks.

Thanks to the tips from Sarah I started drawing pages filled with hands, feet and gestures to learn to know my cartoon better. And i can say, it's kind off addictive :-) woooooooo!

So here follows my first model sheet... I have to say i enjoyed working with brushes in Illustrator (normally i vectorize everything and my illustrations are very 'neat'). I'm still learning to be less 'exact' when drawing this comic. If there are any tips to take my model sheet to the finale stage, shoot!

I chose to make 4 expression: the 'obliged' 3: happy, angry, sad and 1 extra: ashamed. Because that's (sadly) one of my most used expressions. Most people have those 'AHA!'-moments, I mostly have 'ow fuck'-moments... (the more stories for a webcomic of course) :-)

VERSION 2: After the tips from Sarah i adapted some colors and i thickened some lines. Folks, what do you think?

I'm busy on making my first comic: hooraayyy! I started drawing on paper and scanned them in. So what i'm posting here is really basic... 

And now vectorized, still need to colorize it but thought i could wait if you guys had some tips... ? :-)

after feedback Sarah:

Ps: this happens to me about 3 times a week, still think i'm a coolio when sitting in a strange position at my chair.

Update: thanks for the tip, Sarah. Going to re-arrange some figures and zoom in to try out!

Making comics is really addictive! Here's my second

And i've also made a tumblir page: Check it out! 


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