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Hi everyone!

First of all, thank you Anne for this great class! I'm very fond of Skillshare since I discovered it, but until now I didn't have the chance to carry on any of the assignments for the classes I've signed up. But your practical focus and guidance have encouraged me to finally get to it. Secondly, and in advance, sorry for the misspeaking, i'm spaniard.

So, I'm an illustrator with some extra skills in design, writing,traditional painting, singing at the shower, etc. To me, art is an experience, a part of life. I have been working as a freelance for several years, and I wanted to have a résumé that could express all my journey and possibilities, without having to censor some parts of myself.
This way, I intend to open the door to positions or commissions closed to design. As well as for any job that implies to take part in different stages of the creative process. I would like to express as much in the content as in the style writing and design choices, so the people who read it will be able to know me a little, and not just the works I've done or the services I provide.

(In addition, I plan to renew all my branding identity, that it's been formed kind of randomly over the years, by following some other lectures from Skillshare, so I can present my work in a coherent manner and keep learning).

Getting now to the point, this is my former résumé. Pretty basic and boring, even outdated. Strange, as it sounds, I never thought about the résumé like something beyond the merely informative document - I love the proposal of the class!

10/01/2015 This is my redesigned résumé so far. A first atempt, still in much need of debugging. Soon I will dwell in all the choices I've been taking along the way. I look forward to have your insights! (My résumé is in spanish, but I made a quick rough translation to share with you).

1ST ATTEMPT. English version

11/01/2015. Design choices, I was saying. 

  • The logo. In the former résumé the only graphic element, besides the claret tone that I've been using for ages (and I keep doing it), is an icon that resembles the Man Ray's Kiki de Montparnasse. Although I became fond of it with the use, the vector graphic definitely does not reflect my style. Instead, I changed it for this sort of lettering of my name, that looks more handmade and dynamic, and connects in a better way with my painting skills.

  • About the contents. As I pointed out earlier, I want to stick to my multitask profile. My former résumé didn't get to show this either. That is obviously a career choice: while many people are very specialised in one thing, I enjoy doing many various things. I aspire to get a job that allows me that movement between disciplines, or also keep working as a freelance in different kind of projects. With that noticed:

    - I consider important to have a profile in my résumé, explaining my trajectory, my approach, and such things. So the people who read it can understand better the nature of my working experience and my aspirations.

    - For that same reason, in my work experience the thing that goes first and emphazised is the role I have in each project. Standing out that I made different kinds of work.

    - I also went for some inspiration and found that some people use this sort of essay layout, in which talk about theirselves in first person. It appears to me as a nice touch, persuasive, original and that put the reader in your shoes. I think this written up style is in compliance with my purpose and character, and this way I can introduce my writing skills.

  • About the fonts. Still dealing with that. I thought in a combination of serif and sans serif that would represent my classic education ay fine arts along my experience as illustrator and incipient designer.I love that idea, but I'm not so satisfied with the results, so I want to try another possibilities.

1ST ATTEMPT. Versión en español: 

Today I asked a designer friend for some feedback. Although she has agreed with me that the written up style suits me, she fairly adviced me to shorten the amount of text. She told me to try the left align in the contact info, give me some tips about the styling of fonts and she suggest to reduce the important of the profile going for another position but the heading. With that in mind, here's some new tries.

2ND (with shortened text)

3RD ATTEMPT. Trying new positions for the profile:
And keeping the changes of 2ND. It looks better, tidier. Maybe I will short the text even more.

4TH ATTEMPT. Trying new positions for the profile:



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