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New approaches with HYPE


I think it was the blue in the colour scheme, it makes me think of the sea. Swarms of fish and jellyfish, that's what I'm going for. Still working with some quickly doodled assets to get a feel for things. I'm warming a little to HYPE, it does seem like it helps in organising and easily dealing with multiple svg files.



As a start I traced some simple svg assets and followed the lectures in colouring and gridding them to familiarise myself a little with HYPE.

I really like the approach to coming up with colour palettes with photos, gif conversion and the colour picking tool. Still need some practice on that though.

Unfortunately I'm finding HYPE pretty frustrating. I think it's predominantly the fact that I am already familiar with vanilla processing, but having to constantly look things up when trying to do really simple things with HYPE. Consequently I'm finding it pretty cumbersome and constraining, and given that I want to quickly mess around and try variations of composition etc (and I know how I would do it without HYPE), I'm not seeing the benefits yet.

It also bugs me that rotations are in degrees...


I've been playing around with Processing for a while already (see some of my sketches at But my sketches all definitely tend to stem from the same basic set of principles and algorithms. Many of them tend to be based on drawing with simple geometry, creating patterns with particle systems and physical simulations, and repetition and rotation to create compositions. (Some examples below):

But seeing the work of Josh I want to get away from some of these things and try some new stuff, namely, using more complex art assets for drawing, more organic, hand crafted compositions, and better use of colour. My existing approach to colouring in particular has been terrible. Way too much use of random(), and any reasonable colour palette come about way too much by accident.


So trying to think of some basis for a more organic, messy, complex style of composition I want to head toward I was remined of the awesome cell illustrations by David Goodesell. These seem to capture some of the complex, random yet ordered aesthetic I want to go for, so seem like a good starting point for some inspiration.


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