New York print - project for Ins and Outs of Illustrator

I started with a different, more difficult image but because I have never worked in illustrator before, I became hugely frustrated.  This image seemed like a great, basic starting place.

I started with the man and used the pen tool for that, the dog and the tree trunks.  I used the blob tool for the tree foliage and manipulated them with the pathfinder options.  I used the shape tools for the coulds and buildings.  I added all the windows using a tiny square shape, aligning several of them with the alignment tools, grouping several rows and the pulling down with option+d.

I haven't attempted the font yet but will.  I used the eye-dropper tool a few times for colors, but also chose some colors I prefered.  

Finally added the text.  I couldn't find a font that exactly matched, so came as close as I could by fiddling with the tracking, etc.


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