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Garry Finch

Street Photographer



New York | Still Life | Landscape | Portrait

For my 40th birthday at the end of September 2015 I was lucky enough to get a trip to New York, I took loads of street photos and did the tourist thing too. These are my project shots for A Day In The Life. A Still Life, a Landscape and a Portrait.

So first the Still Life.

A pushing the limits of a 'still' life as there is someone walking through the frame, but I like the range of colours, the bikes and the man walking kind of all fitted that theme of No Standing from the sign.


Now the Landscape.

The buildings in New York are amazing. Get the right light and the adstract shapes and shadows you get are fantastic. This was a grab shot, getting the bird in the frame involved a lot of luck but you make your own luck apparently so maybe it was all my doing anyway. 


And finally the Portrait.

This chap was quietly reading his paper with the world going by at New York pace around him. I didn't quite the light that I wanted, but I still liked the resulting shot. I'm not sure I like my edit though as the colours just aren't quite right in my head. What do you think?


So there is my first project on Skillshare. There will be many more. Any feedback is welcomed.

Gear info:

Fuji X-Pro1 with a 35mm lens. Edited in Adobe Lightroom starting off with a VSCO Kodak Ektachrome preset and tweaking from there.


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