New York Skyline

New York Skyline - student project

This was my first time ever using After Effects and it was a brilliant tutorial to get started!

I chose the New York skyline as I thought I could do something really cool with the depth. I can't say it's my dream weekend so I did break the rules, I'm a maverick like that. Who knows what I'll do next! Please note it's at a 1:1 ratio as I created to post on instagram.

I love typography so put together a quick little New York type piece to sit at the the front. My project differs from Jake's as due to the style i wanted to put across I included detail on the buildings. I ran into a few issues with the texture though as I wanted to keep my detail on the buildings. In the end I put the white paper texture underneath (as an Alpha) and set the layer above to overlay. The paper texture did come through but it's far too subtle, so would change that if I did it again. (Any tips on how to do that successfully would be appreciated).

Thanks for checking out my project! I always welcome constructive feedback.