New York Jets (NFL)

I've decided to look at the New York Jets uniforms. I'm actually not a Jets fan in the least (I bleed black & purple - go Ravens!) - so this selection was intentional - I was hoping to work on a team that I thought could truly use a redesign and approach it as objectively as possible.

Originally founded as an AFL team named the Titans of New York, the Jets have been around since 1959 and have surprisingly seen a limited amount of change to their uniforms and logos since changing their name to the Jets.

Here's a look at their current logo & uniforms:


And here's a look at some older logos, uniforms, etc:

(Titans throwback)

With a name like the Jets, I feel like this team has so much potential for really engaging uniforms, imagery, etc. For a team named to represent the "jet age," they've played it extremely conservative.

Here is some jet imagery I've gathered for inspiration:

Some New York imagery:

Other uniform inspiration:

Other inspiring imagery:



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