New York City people - mostly candid

Hi all, unfortunately I wasn't able to actually go out and take some photos since the beginnig of the class so I would have to rely on my old photos from NYC.
More often than not my photos would be candid and for two main reason: first, I am shy so it's quite hard for me to approach people and ask them if I can take their photo. Second, New Yorkers are not considered to be the most open.
The reason I took this class is to focus on just that, ignore my shiness and actually speak with people in the street - I promise to you, and mostly to me, that I will go out there and do it sooner rather than later. For now, I hope you enjoy my past photos:

A young girl enjoying the winter sun on the stairs of the museum of natural history

I love the looks on people's faces when they are truly having fun - taken at a street pillow fight

I do not know his name but I do know that he was the lead actor in an Aladdin play in one of the public schools in NY

A few more pics from the pillow fight

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