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New York City in my eyes

Hello, I live in New York City, and I love to take photos of what I've seen.

I really enjoyed this class by trashhand because I could learn new perspective on taking photos and new skills in taking photos. I loved using some skills I've learned through this class, too. I hope you enjoy it!

1. Straight Portrait: I took this photo because this kind of food truck is the truck that you see almost everywhere in city. Because this food truck is familiar, the person's look is familiar to me. They always dress with some thick layers of clothes because they work outside. I liked this picture because this is what I see in the city everyday. In a skill-wise, I like how the bright light that's coming from the food truck brightens the object and distinguishes the object from the dark background.

2. Look Up: look up shot can be very different by the time you take it. This look up can be boring when the sun is up, because the buildings are short and complicated. However, this look up shot became interesting because it is taken in night! The randomly-positioned lights in the buildings looks like the stars up in the sky. Well, in my eyes, at least.

3. Night: I like this night shot because of the water reflection in the bottom of the photo. City in night is very beautiful because of all those lights up in the buildings and colorful display screens. Also city is very busy in nights just as it is in noons. I think this picture shows two beautiful sides of the city night.

4. Motion: MOTION SHOT!!! I used the skill I learned from trashhand, and I was happy to see how his teachings helped me take better photos! I like this photo because of the blurry background. Because the backgorund of the object is very blurry and shaky, the focused object looks more clear and it also shows the motion of the bike.


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