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New York City by Dash Grey

My name is Dash Grey and I am a photographer based out of New York City. These photos were all captured during one of our most recent snow storms, and are a representation of some of the amazing things you may encounter walking around NYC. 

1. Candid Portrait. 

This man was really enojying his day off of work with the simple things in life. He was getting so much joy out of feeding these birds and it was amazing to be able to watch. The man just kept saying how blessed he was to be doing this. 

2. Motion Blur

While stroling through central park this lady was walking with her diesel dog, once she unleashed it, the dog immediately started running around and hopping fences. 

3. Look Up.

Something about the scaffolding on this building really drew my eyes towards the top. I was really feeling the textures and depth of the buildings after I took the shot at this angle. 


4. Night Shot.

This shot was taken strolling through central park as the snow storm was settling down in the city. The lights from a nearby building illuminated the fog in such a crazy way it almost looks fake. 

Thanks for taking a look. Let me know what you guys think!

IG: dashgrey


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