Chasity Hampton

CEO of Whimsical Designs by CJ, LLC



New Years Challenge: New Class and Prizes!


Hello All. I am currently at 16 students for my class. I am trying to hit magic number 25!

Here are some things I did so far for marketing:

  • Google + Communities related to your class category
  • Instagram
  • Facebook(only a little though)
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter
  • Fiverr- I am currently deciding on whether or not to do this
  • Family and Friends


And I am BACK!!!

Going to be publishing my new class soon. Will update soon! Working on my cover art and video magic!!


Here is the finished cover art!!!

This class is part 2 of my last Shorty-Shorts Design Class. These classes promise to be 15 minutes or less while you learn some tips and tricks with designing a cartoon character!

Make sure you follow me to know when I publish!!!

I also have decided to add prizes to my class. So anyone can win!! (Details soon :))



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