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New Year

Everything I've read about hand lettering emphasizes how important it is to work and rework your design.  In the past I've been too rushed or lazy to actually do this, or understand how it is properly done.  This class has been so helpful in really seeing the process!  This is definitely the most effort I've put into a design in the beginning stages, and I am loving how it's coming out so far.  I'm completely open to helpful critique as well!

The saying I chose would be for a New Year's card - "The best is yet to come", possibly with 2016 included somehow.

The brainstorming words I used are:
new year, greatness, happy, adventures, 2016, calendar, improving, content, party, party hat, champagne

I was very inspired by the vintage advertising pieces here:

For the warm-up, here were my different styles of lettering for the word "best":

I liked both the serif and script, and thought I could use both in the project.  I played around with some different ideas for which words would work well in the different styles.

I then kind of jumped around a little, working on the lettering I liked and the thumbnails as well.

I chose the bottom middle thumbnail and expanded on that a bit.  I'm almost ready for final inking, but would welcome any suggestions first.  The bottom needs a bit of work, I think.  I will also use the final lettering from the image above, not the sketched out version below.

Final inked version - can't wait to add color!  The "best" and "come" will be filled in, and there will be a border around "yet" and "2016".


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