New Year, New Me...Finally!!

For years I struggled with my weight.  I tried all kinds of diets, Weight Watchers, Herbalife, diet pills...and whether or not they worked, I never stuck with them.

Finally about a year ago I found a website where you could log your workouts and food, so I tried that.  I did it off and on, but this past summer (when I was at my heaviest) I went back to logging and stuck to it...I even did my best to keep my phone charged and log while on a camping trip with my fiance's family.  When I returned from the trip (before which I had also started back to the gym and also starred Zumba) I found I had lost around 5-6 lbs.  I kept working out and logging and now since June 2012 I've lost around 30.  Now the more I lose the more encouraged I am.  

I need to lose about 64 lbs more to reach my "ideal" weight...but that isn't very daunting consisering I'm already 30 down.  

So my long term action plan is to lose that 64 by July (or come damn close).

For a long term plan to work you need a short term plan:  mine is to keep logging my workouts, and keep logging my food journal.  Go to Zumba at least two-three times a week, go to the gym two-three times a week, and AM workouts at hone before work.  


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