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New World Republic

My name is Eric Martinez & I hail from New Jersey. I've always had a passion for clothing & expressing myself via clothing. So shortly after my girlfriend broke up with me, I dropped out of cill eve with a list of other issues at that time. I basically had a breakdown in a empty parking lot with no has in my truck & literally 36 cents to name. So as I sat there wondering what I was going to do with my life, it hit me what I wanted to do. Start my own clothing line. As strange as it sounds I was determine to be a clothing designer & leave my stamp in thIs world. Now came the time to do research & pick a namfees few months later I had my name  & my business license New World Republic Clothing. Shortly thereafter I've built my own screen printing shop to manufacture my products but also be the headquarters of my soon to be journey into the streetwear/lifestyle industry. So here I am now warming on my next move & release my products.


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