New Website Copy Written Using Techniques You Can Learn in 1 Hour!

New Website Copy Written Using Techniques You Can Learn in 1 Hour! - student project

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Opportunities are Every Where

  • Ours is a crazy business and you’re crazy if you settle for a position that’s “good enough”.

Your Future is Our Focus

  • Want a team of industry experts finding you the greener pastures you’ve always wanted?  You got it!

And the Future is Bright

  • We’ll help you find the best home for your future and assist in getting you the most money, benefits, and perks!


After 30 years in the promotional products business, we’ve grown to love this crazy business.  In a world with thousands of markets, this one is a hidden gem-- but it’s not hidden to us.    We know the way around.  Our service and our experience can help you find the right position with a great company! 

Use this site to advance your career and improve your earning potential in the promotional product industry. brings together experienced industry sales, marketing, customer service and graphic designers, with distributors best suited for your success! 

Our business is full of well-travelled industry lifers.  People venturing out to see if the grass really is greener elsewhere.  Sometimes the grass is as green as we imagine.  Often it’s a not quite what we expect.  What if you had a guide?  Like a Sherpa. PromoPlacement is your guide 

Give Yourself a Promotion!  It all starts by completing your confidential profile and will do the rest!


By now you’re probably wondering how our service works. 

The only thing that you have to do is complete our 5-minute career goal profile.  This is your chance to tell us what your ideal job looks like. There is a nominal fee for submitting your profile (more on this in a second). You tell us what you want in a new position and we’ll find it for you!  We’ll even call you within 24 hours of submission to get a more in-depth understanding of your career wants and needs.

We utilize our network of industry contacts and an extensive database of employers to find you the new home you never knew was out there. 

Here is where it gets fun!  After doing all of our homework, we’ll present you with three Best Fit companies.  We’ve already talked to these companies about you (anonymously, of course) and, yes, THEY ARE INTERESTED!

If that interest is mutual, we’ll release your contact information to your Best Fit companies.  At this stage, it’s about finding the place you like the most.  Our team is available to help you weigh the pros and cons and make the best decision for your future!  We’ll even help you negotiate for the best possible compensation package.

Remember the registration fee that you paid when submitting your profile? That’s fully refunded on your first day at your new company.   

Give yourself a fresh start. Give yourself a new career. Give Yourself a Promotion!