Katerina Spanova

Freelance Illustrator / Graphic Designer



New Town, Prague

The Czech capital's New Town is the least touristy part of the inner city - it doesn't have big gothic attractions, it has secret hideaways for lovers. It doesn't have expensive restaurants, it has pubs where there's always at least one high school reunion happening. It doesn't have bridges decorated by statues of such value that they in fact have to be copies, it has a riverside where you can buy a glass of young wine in september and talk to other people's dogs.

New Town is a place where the real city life is happening. 

UPDATE: First round of logo ideas: 

I have been originally feeling like I really want to make the pretty architecture the main point, but how would that make my part of town special - after all, Prague has so much awesome architecture nobody can get really excited about that anymore (what, I am being realistic here). 

But the thing I like the most about my home is how it's transformed in the latest years into the most relaxed while still lively riverside district - that's why my head started to lead me through more river-inspired logos later. 

I also liked the simple logo that would work as a blank page for further creativity - as an illustrator I found that idea attractive, because I think that rather than 'just' a cool, clean logo, the logo itself might end up less strong, but together with illustration it would make up for a great, memorable visual identity (like for example the Prague Zoo did - examples: map, logo, zoo exit graphic)  

I do also like the last logo - it is a combination of a river symbol and an outline of the Emauzy church (the one that can also be seen in the header of this project). I thought that the shapes mirroring each other like that is something that is very unique to New Town (when looked at from the other bank od Moldau). 


The motifs of river and architectural icons seemed to be quite popular during feedback time - personally, I like them too, so I worked further on them. 

The first one is a bit simplified version of the original sketch of architectural icons and riverside, in second case I tried to use just the silhouette of Emauzy. 

Later I also tried the second one in just black&blue. 

Used Futura for typeface - I know it's (especially here in UK!) quite an overused typeface for all things infrastructural etc., but it also feel iconic to me (and... I just like it, ok?). 


For this final design I changed some minor details (mostly technical that didn't work as well in B&W version) and created a monochrome version for black&white print. I like how it turned out, I probably like it even more than the coloured version - however I think both should be created/used. 

The colour scheme comes half from a classic nautical colours and half from Czech national colours. 


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