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New Shit Has Come to LIGHT

At first I would like to thank you, Lauren, for the new knowledge. I really loved this task and your explanations, and the way you describe chalkboard lettering.

This was my first time in lettering and chalkboard lettering! I have never tried it before ;)

After looking at the class, I thought — oh, it shoud be easy. 

Oh man, but it was not :)

At first, I draw at least 9 sketches. At this phase I understood why you told why it's better to right straight for beginners. Actually it seems that write in curved outlines requires more practice ;) 



I thought about what i would like to express. Curvy "New Shit" and bold "Light" to emphasise the meaning of the phrase. 

After that I sketched it on the wall. Here I undestand why it costs 100$/hour to write lettering ;) Actually it requires a lot of patience to remove all those lines and keep the rag clean. And also great level of accuracy to align letters and keep right proportions. I rewrite the rest of phrase several times because of incorrect spacings and still think that I should add more space as you have suggested - for shadows. 


And finally, after several hours I've got my first result. 


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