New Schedule

I thoroughly enjoyed this class.  I graduated with a degree in graphic design and had a hard time finding a job after college. I ended up working in a day care, at first just to pay the bills and then early education became a passion of mine so I stayed for 6 years.  Quarantine allowed me some time to be more creative and I realized how much I missed that part of my life.  I recently decided to make the switch to being a nanny so I’m not so exhausted at the end of the day and can try to get back into making art for a living by taking Skillshare classes and honing my skills.  I wrote my brain dump on sticky notes and hung them on the wall above my desk.  I found that I ended up leaving my planner in my backpack and only looked at it when I had to but having the notes on the wall in front of my face forced me to look at the things I need to get done and keep procrastinating. I invested in a dry erase calendar and it finally came in today.  This is a work in progress but I plan to use all the information I gained from this class to help stay organized and focused. Thank you or the guidance Amarilys! New Schedule - image 1 - student project