DR. Yvonne Murphy




New Race/Interspecies Communication!

Interspecies Divine Communication! ... This is the link to You Tube!

I do what i do because i believe in thinking differently and joining with others so we can grow our Dream of a New Race of Man ... Golden and Glorious! ...
Where we are beyond the mind; and gut decisions rule! Wanna join us?
This is not for everyone ... Heart Intelligence is required!

Started out with lots of notes from my Animal Communication Workshops around NZ and by Skype ...

Wrote notes for You Tube video and made video.

Needed a microphone for the mac, and the creative process continued.

Treated a horse in Timaru,who had been with various horsebreakers and surgery was given to horse to stop it from throwing the owner! Of course none of this broke its spirit, not even having its tail broken by a horse breaker in Oamaru!

The new owner called me out for help with this poor creature. We treated the horse, Kid Rock, with love and respect and Animal Communication, and a new horse was born. Glorious and healed full of love and power and wisdom from its lifes journey.

Wanted to share this incredible experience of the New Race at work helping by standing in the Power of Love and asking for Clearing of the mental, emotional andpain/injury bodies.

Another You Tube video got made on the balcony of my hostel in gorgeous Queenstown, NZ as i was travelling around NZ treating horses,dogs and owners.

And that was the one! Published! Halleluja! Thanks ...



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