New Orleans

New Orleans   - student project

I am not a photographer by any means, but I am trying to learn and get more comfortable with sharing. This class has really helped me get out of my comfort zone, adventure-wise. In the past week, I've been able to go out for a few hours every day to explore the parts of my neighborhood I haven't really seen before.

There are so many places around the city that I want to photograph, but I figured I would start close to home.

New Orleans   - image 1 - student project

I used VSCO and Snapseed to edit each photo. I took the photos on my iPhone.

New Orleans   - image 2 - student project


New Orleans   - image 3 - student project


New Orleans   - image 4 - student project

I can't wait to get out and explore some more.

Thank you for looking. Any feedback is appreciated. 

Nora Patterson
Wannabe Illustrator