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New Orleans Jesters


I wanted to explore this local team as my project because, mainly, I felt that it presented a large opportunity for me to really learn something here. I was tempted to explore a more established team, but felt that this made me think more on the subject matter and concepts I'd have to employ & execute.

Anyway, the logo itself is a separate project, so I'm going to try and focus on the kit itself. For me, being a New Orleanian, there's a lot of cultural influences, but it usually settles on the French one predominantly. With the name, Jesters, it lends itself to the costumes adorned by those historic individuals. I don't know for sure if I want to take it literally or not, because I like to see some intimidation factor in uniforms. 

HISTORY: the 2013 season is their 10 yr anniversary, so I think this project should be a nice opportunity to celebrate that achievement. Previously, they were known as the Shell Shockers due to Shell Gas being their sponsor. Usually, the team features some local home grown talent, but also features internationals.

COLORS: the palette is what it is...not completely a fan of it, but I look forward to the challenge. It's influenced by Mardi Gras. I am thinking of throwing in some Gold/ yellow to make it more literal & bring in some more variety to the scheme.

FANS: the team has a small fan base, but I expect them to be very loyal and passionate as is the trend amongst New Orleanians and their sports teams. They're referred to as the "Krewe," which reaches out to Mardi Gras again.

COLLAR: I love a crew style and think it'll fit perfectly with the whole Jesters theme as the costume is nice and snug on the neck. But I could push it further with the use of a polo-styled one...I just think Eric Cantona and the popped collar look. 

PATTERNS: I feel like there MUST be some use of patterns in this kit, as I mentioned earlier, the Jesters name itself makes you expect that in a sense. I want to use the patterns tastefully/ classy and not overdo it to the point of being a joke amongst other teams.  Under Armour's Univ. of Maryland soccer kits are worth mentioning as a tiny influence.

All in all, doing the research really helped me gain a better idea of what direction[s] I can head toward with this project. I had NO idea which teams to cover. Other teams I'd considered were Arsenal, Aston Villa & the New Orleans Saints. 


Few Notes of Interest:

I made a temporary Jesters crest/ logo so I could get a better feel for everything + used my own shield logo as a brand. 

Took forever making patterns and scaling/ transforming them, so on the jerseys page I threw down 3 different scales to see which you guys felt were more fitting. I really felt like I could go crazy w/ ideas and had to reel myself in, so what you'll see as far as jerseys is only about 80% of what I threw together. I apologize if everything comes off messy or unorganized. Also, the colors are a little off now that I've uploaded, but you get the idea. 

I decided to add new colors: Blue/ Gold. I wanted to give them some more NOLA flavor since they pretty much were using Mardi Gras colors. So the jerseys with the new colors I'd view as 3rd/4th kit options rather than primary ones. 

BTW, Here's a link to see larger versions of these images:

-----UPDATE 5-14-13------

I've been really busy with a job search [still searching] and haven't had much time to finish this bad boy up. BUT I had some time today to put a pretty good effort and some thought into developing extra details. I'm sure I could've done more, but for the sake of closure, I wanted to deliver today. 

I revisited the crest and gave it a different touch since this is the 10th anniversary season for the New Orleans team [not the Jesters]. Also, I envisioned that almost all of the text/ images are knitted/ sewn in, with the exception of the numbers/ sponsors/ team name [which could be replaced with a sponsor]. I wanted to convey quality and finesse in this final set. Also, don't forget that on the other side of the collars there will be a pattern, so when they pop their collar, it's different and an unexpected joke/ gag by a jester. 

Sponsors: Louisiana Cat is their current sponsor. I didn't like it on the front, so I put a placeholder there instead but I kind of like the team name on the front, I'm not used to seeing that in soccer kits. 

You'll see 3 sets. A home 1/ home 2/ away. I couldn't decide on the definite home kit, so I guess pick your favorite. I was torn between an all-black kit with highlights, but decided to give the black kit -green socks instead as a precaution for being TOO dark. 

I hope you guys like these! :D


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